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It's time to make failure your ally!

Do you think failure is inevitable?
That some are born to succeed and others to fail?

Stop preconceived ideas!

Free yourself from your limiting beliefs and trust your resilience capacity to turn all your pips into nuggets!


Did you know that the founder of KFC didn't become a multimillionaire until he was 80 years old?
That the famous screenwriter René Goscinny ran up against many walls before meeting success?
That we would never have been to space if the engineers had abandoned their research at the first rocket explosion?

What do they have in common?
They learned from their failures and continued to build, always more daring. They knew how to play down the negative consequences and transform them into learning.


Through our optimism expert's guidance, anecdotes and inspiring stories, you will discover that you have the power to turn difficulties into wonderful opportunities.

Give more credit to success than failure, you will eventually succeed!


Changing our relationship to failure

Hit rock bottom to get back up better

Free yourself from beliefs

When the fear of failure paralyzes, or the power of perception

Faced with the fear of failing, decide and act!

The biggest risk is not to take it!

Big failures, big lessons!

The failures of pride

When we are convinced that we are not made to succeed

When failure is success or the surprising virtues of serendipity

You are not failure!

Optimism, the attitude that changes everything!

To succeed, dare to fail!

Author: Michel Poulaert

April 2021 | 192 pages  


ISBN: 978-2-311-62481-6

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